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Table 2. Squad type Options table

Squad Type



Squads are taken from offline modified squads. Squad formation, tactics and player attribute modifications are carried into the game.


Internationally updated squads reflect as they are synchronized with real life team formations and player attributes.(Recommended for International competition)

Team: Nation

Formations: No Custom formations allowed (Players must note 60 sec. limitation for online game team setup)

Tactics: Only Default In-game tactics (No custom tactics)

Player Instructions Allowed

Passing Power Assistance: OFF/ON (Dependent on Item B. Controls)

Injuries: ON

Offside: ON

Defending: Tactical Defending/Legacy Defending (Dependent on Item B. Controls)

Weather: Random (because of the online friendly mode)

Radar: 2D

Timer: ON

Camera: Tele broadcast recommended (Player discretion, based on local camera setting)

Article 6 - Particulars game setting for “Home & Away”

A match in play-off stages can’t end by a tied score. It implies to follow these particulars rules for the second game:

2.02 Match format

Article 8 - Single-game match

A “single match” is played in two half times of 6 minutes. The winner of the match is the player with the most goals. A goalless draw or same goal tally is a drawn game.

Article 7 - Home & Away match

A “home & away” match is played in two games of 6 minutes. The winner of the match is the player with the most goals at the end of the two games. (A tie is allowed)

*Optional: Away goal rule may be used to decide the winner. Where Pro-player with more goals in the away match wins the tie in case there is draw over the 2 legs.

Article 8 - Tie-breaker match

A tie-breaker match is played as a single-game match.

Article 9 - In-game pause

Participant can pause the game to change strategy and players only three times per game and when game is stopped (i.e.: offside, touchline, fouls etc.).

As per the in-game online settings there is just a limitation of 3 pauses. Pro players must pay attention to first paragraph of Article 9 to use pauses accordingly.

Exceptionally participant can pause the game each time one of his player is sent off or is injured to change his strategy.

Article 10 - Match interrupted

If a game is involuntary interrupted (player crash, server crash, network cuts …) the tournament officials may or not decide to replay the game. If the match must be replay it will be according to the following rules:

If both players haven’t scored a goal during the first half-time the whole match will be replayed.

If the problem took place after the first goal scored, the game will be restarted with the remaining half-time. The goals scored of the interrupted half-time will be added to the final score of the new game.

Article 11 – Team Match format (Duels or Team Elimination)

Duel: An exclusive Player in Team A (South Africa) is matched to another exclusive Player in Team B (Ghana).

Matches will be played in Home and Away format as described in Article 7. A point system will be employed to determine the overall outcome of the Contest.

Match result

Points to be awarded







The Team with the most points wins the contest. A tie in points means contest is a draw.








South Africa

Article 12

Fair play is a fundamental part of the game of football. It represents the positive benefits of playing by the rules, using common sense and respecting fellow players, referees, opponents and fans. Since


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