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The actors who had formed in the novel the band RBD, Anahi, Alfonso, Dulce Maria, Christopher, Maite, Christian were very successful inside the novel that the group turned real. The first album, Rebelde, was released in December 2004, and marked the first success of the group.

With the Spanish and Portuguese version, the both versions together have sold over 500.000 copies in a month, receiving a diamond blade in Brazil. Thereafter, the RBD devoted himself in your musical career.

In 2008, after four consecutive years of success, the group RBD announced their separation and made a world tour called ‘Tour del Adiós’, The band had great success, selling over 50 million records.



Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla, was born in Mexico City on May 14, 1983, now 31 years old, better known as Anahí is a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, actress, model and Mexican stylist. Despite already being well known, achieved the Worldwide fame with the music group RBD. In solo career won various major awards, and being hailed 'the Latin pop princess' for yours wide influence in the world of Latin Pop, and is considered one of the most powerful and promising woman in the music world Latina. Having served in fourteen novels, eight films, eight series and sold over 3 million records. As singer released his first album in 1993 called, Anahí. In 2004 she participated in the RBD group. In 2009, with the end of the group, Anahí returned to the music scene with the album ‘Mi Delirio,’ which sold over 1 million copies, being certified ABPD as disc of gold. Her first television appearance was in Chiquititas series in 1985, where she remained for five years.

The high workload and the busy life of a celebrity made Anahí developed the eating disorder in yours 16 years. Anahí never was ashamed to talk about it and after beat the disease started campaigning to combat the problem.

Anahi has been shown several times in the music industry awards, such as the People Award and Kid's Choice Awards. Considered a sex symbol, the singer was voted the sexiest woman in Latin America and was named one of the 100 sexiest women on the planet also by Maxim.

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Alfonso Herrera Rodríguez, was born in Mexico City on August 28, 1983, now 31 years old, also called Poncho Herrera, is an actor, singer and Mexican producer. His television debut came in 2002 on the soap opera 'Clase 406', two years later was named for starring in Rebelde, considered one of the largest teen soap operas. In 2007 he served in series RBD: La Familia, and the next year in 'Terminales'. In 2011 participated in the series El Encanto del Águila, El Equipo and El Diez, the latter two as the protagonist.

His first film work was in the 2002 film 'Amar Te Duele' which he won the award for Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards México. In 2009 he acted in the Venezuelan film Venezzia that came to winning the Best Actor Award at the Canada Film Festival and the Youth Awards. Besides acting, Poncho is also a singer, his first contact with music was in the soap opera Clase 406, which he sang a few songs for the soundtrack. But his singing career really took off in 2004 when he joined the Mexican group RBD, which emerged in the mexican teen soap opera, Rebelde.

In 2009 the group ends and Poncho returned to devote himself exclusively to acting.

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Dulce María Espinosa Saviñón, was born in Mexico City on December 6, 1985, now 28 years old, artistically known as Dulce Maria is a singer, writer, composer and a mexican model. Became known worldwide for interpret the role of the character Roberta Pardo in a teen soap opera Rebelde in 2004-2006.She participated in various musical groups, one of the most important was the group RBD, but the group announced the end in 2008. Dulce then departed for a solo career, signed to Universal Music record label and in 2010 released her first solo album, titled ‘Extranjera’. Her newest work is her second studio album "Sin Fronteras".

Her newest work is her second studio album "Sin Fronteras". In 2008, Dulce published a book of poems written by herself, which she named Dulce Amargo and features illustrations of her own. Dulce account in your interviews, she always write every day and that during her tours with the group RBD, when she could, she wrote her feelings and kept them, until one day beat her wish to share some things that she wrote with their fans .

Dulce did many commercials, both alone and with the RBD, among them are ads for Always, strawberry yogurt, Giraffas, Kinder Bueno and Vick's Vaporub.

In her teenage, she made a commercial against drugs and against child abuse. Next to the RBD, the main advertiser was Pepsi. Currently holds extensive and important contracts with Cklass, company that sells clothes and shoes.

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Christopher Alexander Luís Casillas von Uckermann, was born in Mexico City on October 21, 1986, now 28 years old is an actor, singer, songwriter and businessman known for starring the Mexican telenovela Rebelde, and for being part of the music group RBD. After finishing the group in 2009, Christopher began recording the album 'Somos', released in 2010.

Before joining the cast of the telenovela "Rebelde", Christopher worked in other television productions that have gained popularity in Brazil, as "The Diary of Daniela "and" Amy, the girl of the blues’ backpack ". He began his career at two years of age doing commercials. Taking just a taste for acting. He became the face of more than one hundred and sixty advertising campaigns in Mexico and the in world.

Currently, Christopher signed a contract with the TV network FOX and confirmed his participation in the series Kdabra. On the series, whose main themes illusionism and magic.

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Maite Perroni Beorlegui, was born in Mexico City on March 9, 1983, now 31 years old, known artistically as Maite Perroni is an actress, singer and songwriter Mexican. It has established itself as one of the most influential actresses in the world and is considered the Queen of Soap Operas since 2009.



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